About John

John Cornish, a practicing and exhibiting artist himself, is a highly regarded art tutor at the Learning Connexion School of Creativity and Art from which he holds an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity.Over the past 14 years he has tutored students there, from certificate level (NZQA L.4) through to Advanced Diploma (NZQA L.7) the level he currently tutors, and regards it as a privilege to help students grow into their own practices.

Over the past 3 years John has also been privately teaching an evening class here on the Kapiti Coast. In recent times demand for these classes reached the point where John needed to find a location that would offer him the space and times he needed plus fit well with his creative philosophy............. which is where Tuture Gallery stepped in!

John Says:

"I'm thrilled to have made the connection with Kate. It began with me approaching Kate when she first opened the gallery 3 years ago, she has been a great supporter of my work as she has been to many other local artists.  Our conversations uncovered a shared belief in the importance and relevance of art to the health and well-being of individuals, communities and beyond.

The approach to the classes I'm offering is simple. I believe it is a given that all artists must know their materials,whatever it is you choose to work with. I liken it to building a relationship and it is no different than getting to know different people,some connections are stronger and deeper than others. I encourage curiosity and exploration, plenty of testing and playing, to ensure you are working together in the best possible way. This approach is at the heart of my own practice.

I'm not big on 'styles','isms' or trying to fit certain boxes, I work with students to help connect you with whatever is relevant and important to you.  The classes typically begin with a group exercise, to warm up and help with generating ideas.  These can then be extended and developed by you in class or I will help you with something you particularly wish to achieve.

Interactive learning and sharing is encouraged and I guarantee a safe and supportive environment for you to create in, after all to create from one's own self is potentially one of the hardest and bravest things to do."

To find out more give John a call on: 021 238 6656  and there is some more information about the Absolute Beginners Class here .