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Kia ora,

The 100 day project phenomenon has been popping up around the globe for years. The premise 'do something creative every day for 100 days' really resonated with me when I found myself in a creative rut five years ago. However, I knew right away that I would struggle to complete it solely on my own, most people tend to undertake the challenge individually.

I started to think about the things I would need and like to complete the project....things like a framework to work around, milestones to work towards, support and accountability from others and an incentive to finish a reward at the end!

100 Days a Journey has come directly from those thoughts and the experiences I and 60 other participants (so far) have had over the past five years. I have always made a point of participating and make sure my co-mentor does too. At the end of each journey we then spend time reflecting and consequently refining the program so it offers the best experience possible for future participants. And, as proof of its value, participants often sign up for another Journey!

At one end of the scale, 100 Days a Journey enables artists to explore and challenge aspects of their existing art practice and at the other, it remains as simple as prioritising daily creative moments. You get to choose, it's your Journey!

I truly believe in this program and there are way too many benefits to list here. So why don't you get in touch with me at tutere.gallery@gmail.com to discuss what your Journey may look like and in the meantime enjoy looking through the galleries below.

e noho rā,



100 Days a Journey - 2020

Do something creative - consistently every day for a 100 days

Build a body of work you can take pride in

Overcome your fears and see the time you thought you didn't have magically increase

Learn and develop new skills

Share in and be a part of a safe, supportive community

Experience huge personal growth

And so much more!

100 Days a Journey in 2018

"What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do"

Timothy Ferriss

100 Days a Journey 2022

We are fully booked.

Day one - July 11 2022 - Day 100 - 18 October 2022.

Watch this space for exhibition details and follow along @tuteregallery on instagram and facebook.

100 Days a Journey - 2019

100 Days a Journey in 2019

100 Days a Journey in 2017